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Sunday School Programs

​"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."      -Aristotle
Hebrew Division

Directed by veteran Hebrew language teacher Ronit Ben-Porat, the DSX Hebrew department caters to all levels of Hebrew speaking backgrounds.  From the basics of the Aleph Bet to intensive comprehension and writing skills, our curriculum incorporates a love for the language and the people and land behind it.

Champions Program

Designed for boys ages 11-13, the Champions Program is a unique club within the Hebrew school. Small groups explore self-awareness and personal development and perform hands-on projects to learn about Jewish life.  Our Champion mentors are handpicked for their fresh perspective and innate excitement about Judaism and life.  The group meets periodically for extra-curricular activities throughout the year, including a day camp for one week at the end of each summer. Not your average Hebrew school, this program is a revolution in the making, bringing the joy and meaning of Jewish living to bar mitzvah aged boys throughout the entire year.

Jewish Holidays

Small classes and stimulating projects bring the joy of the Jewish year to our students.  Learn about the fascinating concepts and ideas behind what drives our calendar and weekly Torah portions and gain a basic knowledge of Jewish practice as it relates to the holidays.

DSX Special Events

There is nothing like a carnival or trip to add spice to the school calendar.  Most of the DSX special events occur around the time of the Jewish holidays and are themed as such.  Keep your eye on the calendar for more details!

DSX Adult Education
Who says that learning on Sunday mornings is just for kids?  We are firm believers that children learn much better when their parents are interested and involved as well.  Adult education opportunities are offered in tandem with the Sunday classes on a variety of intriguing topics.  Presenters are our very talented and entertaining DATA rabbis, as well as the occasional guest speaker.  Past presentations have included such topics as "Talking to Your Kids About Sex", "Kabbala and Madonna", "Jewish Ethics", "What Jews Believe" and a variety of other exciting discussions. Often, breakfast and coffee are served, and these discussion groups are a great way to meet other parents and our rabbis.

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