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Mission Statement

The DATA Sunday Experience was established with the goal of bringing fun Jewish education to children across the Dallas metroplex.  We do not discriminate based on prior Jewish knowledge or affiliation, and we strive to teach each student at his or her own level.  The environment is fun and the learning engaging, ensuring that your child returns home greatly anticipating the coming week's classes.

The DATA Sunday Experience is a fun and engaging Jewish educational experience for children of all ages and their parents. A division of DATA of Plano, our close-knit, family-like atmosphere breeds a culture of trust and learning where students thrive in their learning and Jewish identity.  Our goal is to provide children with a pride in their Judasim and a thirst for knowledge of what it means to live as a Jew in today's world. 

The DSX curriculum includes Hebrew language, an encompassing knowledge of the Jewish holidays and mitzvot, and the middot (character traits) that define a successful Jewish child.  Learning is hands-on with a special focus on making the learning fun and stimulating.  Exciting extra-curricular events are held throughout the year as well.

Diverse programs bring the opportunity for a Hebrew education to students of all levels, as well as adults.  At DSX, we believe that children learn best when they see their parents interested and studying as well.  Often, free adult education classes are offered simultaneously with the regular childrens' learning.

The DATA Sunday Experience Staff

Our Sunday school leadership is comprised of handpicked educators who have a passion for helping kids reach their potential.  
Ronit Ben Porat
Hebrew Department Head

A native Israeli, Ronit holds a BA in Education and a BA in Child Psychology from Bar Ilan University.  She is a sought after and beloved Hebrew teacher, having taught in many of the area's prestigious schools and synagogues, including Levine Academy, where she currently teaches during the week.  Ronit displays a keen understanding of children and is renowned for her fun and challenging classes.  

Rabbi Eli Nissel
Program Director 

Rabbi Eli Nissel attended the prestigious Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore for 12 years where he received his degree in Talmudic Law. During that time, he graduated from Ner Israel’s Machon Teacher Certification Program and held the position of Director of Youth Programming for the school.  A camp administrator for the past nine years, Rabbi Nissel spent his recent summers as the Director of Operations at Camp Nageela Midwest, a Jewish sleep away camp in Marshall, Indiana.  He is an avid writer, and he channeled his passion for the pen by working as a freelance copywriter and journalist in his previous life in Baltimore.

As director, Rabbi Nissel brings energy and a love for learning to the Sunday school experience.

Shifra Zakon and Shira Robkin
Bat Mitzvah Program

The daughters of two of our rabbis, Shifra and Shira team up as a dynamic duo to teach and offer programming for girls ages 11-14.  Their flair and excitement make them fan-favorites among the students.


What ages does the DATA Sunday Experience service?

School-aged children from Kindergarten through eighth grade are welcome at DSX.   Our b'nei mitzvah Champions Program, the newest exciting addition to our school, services the oldest boys (6th, 7th and 8th grade). 

What is the religious affiliation of the DATA Sunday Experience?

DSX is a division of the Dallas Areah Torah Association, a Jewish educational institution servicing the Jews of the Metroplex across all spectrums.  There is no religious affiliation or prior knowledge required for registration, and our current students span all factions of Judaism; Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Modern Orthodox, completely unaffiliated, and everywhere in between.

What are the financial obligations involved?

Tuition for the DATA Sunday Experience is $850.  There are numerous scholarships and other opportunities for discounted tuition.  We offer a new family discount, a multiple child discount, and an adult learning discount.  Families in difficult financial situations are encouraged to discuss their needs with the director.  The DATA Sunday Experience will never deny a Jewish child the education he or she deserves due to financial constraints.

How many children are in each class?

The value of intimate classes in a child's learning experience is indescribable.  The classes at DSX are kept intentionally small; we currently have a staff to student ratio of 1 to 5.

What makes DSX different than the average humdrum Hebrew school?

We are aware of the negative association many children have with Hebrew school, and we are out to shatter those perceptions.  Teachers invest a tremendous amount of effort into making the learning engaging and fun.  A DATA student walks away with a passion for their Judaism and for Israel, and a deep understanding of the "why" behind the mitzvot.


At DSX, we value a good time, and we even sit back and get silly sometimes.  Stop by today to see the difference!

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